terça-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2010

V.A. The Essential Northern Soul Story

Esta semana trago para vocês uma coleção essencial até no nome com o melhor do Northern Soul. Aproveitem!

1. No One Can Take Your Place - Inspirations
2. Wait Till I Get To Know You - Treetop, Bobby
3. Nothing Can Compare To You - Velvet Satins
4. I Love Her So Much (It Hurts) - Majestics
5. If You Ever Walked Out Of My Life - Barnes, Dena
6. She's Wanted - Clinton, Larry
7. Since You Left - Inticers
8. Strange Change - Ward, Herb
9. I'll Pay The Price - Dillard, Moses & The Dynamic Showmen
10. Can't Lose My Head - Blackwell, George
11. I Don't Want To Lose You - Bell Boys
12. I Don't Like To Lose - Group & Cecil Washington
13. I'm Not Strong Enough - Four Perfections
14. Because Of My Heart - Beverly, Frankie & The Butlers
15. Just Like You Did To Me - Vernee, Yvonne
16. Sitting In My Class - McNeir, Ronnie
17. World Without Sunshine - Phillips, Sandra
18. It Rained 40 Days And Nights - Scott, 'Little' Jimmy
19. Head And Shoulders - Young, Patti
20. You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care) - Epitome Of Sound
21. My World Is On Fire - Mack, Jimmy
22. Naughty Boy - Day, Jackie
23. I'm Gonna Love You - Hamilton, Edward
24. Burning Sensation - Lawson, Robby
25. Not My Girl - Hampton, John


Espero que tenham gostado! Mantenham a fé e até semana que vem!

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